This 1st book is about our transcendental nature. It portrays the beauty of life, both in the body and beyond. Like a work of art, this slender volume sculpts us, chipping away at imperfections to reveal the masterpiece we innately are.

That luminous splendor has been alluded to in literature, modern and ancient. Yet we do not need to have the trauma inherent in a near-death experience (NDE), or immerse ourselves in arduous study. The way is embedded within us.

David takes us on the quest of a wide-eyed kid who grew up to find the star he sought was actually inside himself. After exotic travels, he turned inward to mend the divide between the heart and mind. In an earth-shattering event, he was propelled into immortality. David shares how what was once cloaked in mystery, as in “The Secret of the Golden Flower,” is available for anyone to discover within themselves.

Cover Art by Lea

What started out as a short story in the memory of my mother grew into something greater than I could ever have wished for. I began having lucid dreams, vivid in detail and conversations. They revealed stunning insights into life on both sides of the veil. It has been a surprise gift to continually connect, talk, laugh and love.

Excerpts from David’s book, My Near Death-Less Experience, have been incorporated in this work as a prelude in Part I to serve as a foundation for Part II, Musings from Mom.

This small volume is printed in a booklet format.

Cover Art by Lea

What a whale of a tale!

It may be hard to believe all the things water molecules can do, but science says it’s true.

We join in the journeys of our tiny friends and soar with them in high flying clouds. We’ll also get down and dirty, as we dive into the muddy mess of a beaver pond. Family and friends help aid us with challenges and chuckles to see our world in a new way.

This is a drawing and coloring book for children ages four to nine, and storybook for youth of all ages.

Cover Art by Lea