Bruno Groening

Bruno Groening, the most prolific healer in modern times. Bruno rose to fame in the late 1940s, when newspapers reported crowds numbering in the tens of thousands. Blind people’s sight was restored and others threw away their crutches.

Matthias Kamp , allopathic physician, Germany, organized a group of doctors to investigate and verify healings that occur spiritually, ruling out all other factors. Their findings have been documented and are available online.

Steve Tonsager

Steve shares the methods for his success as a healer. He gives credit to many, especially David Hawkins and William Tiller, in establishing what he calls “Whisperology.” It may be likened to magnifying that still, small voice and divine spark of inspiration to co-create coherence among the timeless and physical forces that shape our body. He says, “We are infinite beings, subject only to what we hold in consciousness.”

Jill Bolte Taylor

Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D., “My Stroke of Insight, a Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey,” Jill had the unique ability to examine the processes of her own stroke from its onset, through its incapacitated decline of cognitive brain function and motor control, and then through great effort to complete recovery.

This account was also detailed in the most fascinating “Ted Talk” I have seen. She had lost her ability to communicate coherently. Although the logical functions associated with the left hemisphere of her brain were incapacitated, Jill began to perceive the world in wondrous new ways. The right hemisphere kicked in. She literally gained a new perspective on life. Her observations became imbued with awe and beauty. Jill tapped into ancient wisdoms and experienced what she calls Nirvana.